New England Wedding Photography

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You're putting a lot of work into your wedding. There's all this pressure...but you shouldn't have to worry so much, right? Isn't this supposed to be a party? A celebration? C'mon!

After 10 years of shooting weddings, I'm all too familiar with the challenges facing newly engaged couples and I'd like to take one worry off your plate. Our photography is en vogue, with a bit of timeless tradition thrown in so you can look back and relive the romance, whether it's one month or one decade after your wedding. 

We engage with the day. We assimilate with the family and friends and flow to get intimate photos of the in-between moments and critical shots that complete the whole story of your wedding. We're less vendor and more partner, with the professionalism to give direction when needed and the sensitivity to know when to fade into the background.

Every wedding has two professional photographers, tasteful edited imagery delivered digitally and quickly for you to enjoy and share. Please contact us or fill out the form for pricing and to discuss your wedding!

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